[time-nuts] Anybody want a Thunderbolt power supply

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Thu Sep 1 08:14:36 EDT 2016

Dave wrote:

> The problem on eBay is "tested" means something quite different to what I know as "tested'

Well, yes, but that's well-known.  Ebay is what it is and ebay sellers 
are what they are.  No use grousing about it, just deal with it.  The 
important thing is to make sure you have a right of return. 
Interestingly, after the last policy changes (at least here in the US), 
it may actually be better to buy from a seller who does not offer 
returns, because the "ebay money back guarantee" makes the seller refund 
the bid price plus the original shipping, while an individual seller's 
return policy may leave the buyer responsible for the original shipping. 
  Also, in some cases ebay doesn't require the buyer to return the 
defective item, so you may save the return shipping and get the 
defective item to play with to boot.

> There are a number of HP power supplies that have over voltage trips. *  *  *  So even if you accidentally turn the knob and increase the voltage, no damage will occur

True, and the Power Designs supplies I mentioned all have OVP that works 
very well.  If any of the supplies goes OV, it shuts all three supplies 
down.  However, many electronic gizmos can be damaged if one of the 
supplies falls too far *below* its nominal voltage while the other 
supplies stay nominal, which of course would not trip the OVP.  So I 
still recommend a dab of RTV on the voltage adjustment knobs when you 
want the voltages to stay where they were set.

Best regards,


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