[time-nuts] What's the best Windows 10 ntp client?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 13:23:02 EDT 2016

From: Cube Central

I would like to retract my previous statement.  If you are only using the 
Windows system a couple hours a week, that may not be enough time for you to 
see any benefit from using NTP.

NTP needs more time than that to "discuss" the local system time with the 
other configured NTP servers out there on the Internet.  (and you would want 
more than a single server in the configuration file)


Take a look at PC Puffin's timekeeping here:


It is switched on every morning, and is within a couple of milliseconds 
almost immediately.  It runs Win-10 which helps (as would Win-8), and syncs 
to stratum-1 servers on my LAN.  Some of those servers are Raspberry Pi 
cards with a low-cost GPS/PPS, running continuously - possibly another 
interesting project for the radio club, together with using the RPi and an 
RTL dongle as a receiver between 50 and 1500 MHz.

Using the "pool" directive ensures that NTP has enough servers without 
having to edit any configuration file for specific servers.

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