[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-m-RB

Anton Moehammad moehanton at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 08:04:27 EDT 2016

Hi All,I understand this RFTG-m-RB and RFTG-m-XO already discuss many-many time in the past but I need to ask for something that I don't clear enough..1. my GPS antenna position can give 6 to 8 satellite at once times with a good signal is that enough ?2. I believe the GPSDO and Rubidium are "comparable" in stability so I do not fully understand why I need Rubidium GPSDO ?3. I understand Rubidium has "lifetime" are this lifetime count from when its use or from its manufacture ?4. How good the psu I need ? I see inside of my RFTG-m-RB and RFTG-m-XO they use an DC to DC converter are 24v switch PSU is good enough or must I linear PSU ?5. How to sure my RFTG-m-RB and RFTG-m-XO combo are in spec ? 6. The best and the only calibration place I know here in Indonesia are Indonesia NMI with a PHM the cost for calibration is "not much" but the time is long (6 month) with 10-e10 maybe 10-e11 are this kind of calibration (without adjustment) is to much ?
Sorry for my Java English and for so many basic question.
Thank You

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