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David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Sep 15 05:09:18 EDT 2016

True for the first frequency.  The second statement may or may not be true, 
was not clear in the original description of the device.  When I wrote Leo 
asked about a specific second frequency he did a manual calculation and sent 
the parameters. From another email reply:

    "Sorry, did not catch your email first time.  Thank you for your custom!

    The numbers are internal settings of PLL chip Si5328 and you can find 
    details here:

    You can set other frequencies just by typing them into Output 1 box and
    clicking "Find"  This will find and program the new frequency.

    If you want two separate frequencies at the same time it gets a bit 
    and often need manual setup.  In such case let me know what combination 
    would like and i will try to find the correct settings."

While this is process is helpful, it is hardly convenient and frankly me
deciphering the doc without a Rosetta Stone isn't going to happen.

Wes, N7WS


Yes, the second frequency does depend on the first, and this is noted in the 


You can easily have both outputs at the same frequency (e.g. 10 MHz), 
though.  Thanks for the pointer to the datasheet.

For me, just having the easily-adjustable single GPS-locked frequency in 
such a compact, ready-to-run, unit is great.  Perhaps someone will write a 
little program to enable fuller use of the second output.

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