[time-nuts] Lady Heather for Z3801A (and other devices)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 18 21:16:54 EDT 2016

Yes,  the next release (should be out in a couple of weeks) supports numerous receiver types.  Included are:

Native binary formats:
Trimble TSIP devices - (Thunderbolts, Resolution T family, various telecom GPSDOs like the NTWB, NTPX, etc)
Datum Starloc II (ugh!)
Motorola (6, 8, 12 channel)

SCPI devices (tested):
Z3812A (and related Lucent GPSDO's)
UCCM devices (Trimble and Symmetricom telecom GPSDO's - SCPI like)
SCPI mode for Trimble telecom GPSDO's like the NTBW, NTPX, etc

SCPI devices (untested... if you have one and can compile a Linux program email me...)
HP 53xxxx
Z3805, Z3810. Z3816, etc
Lucent KSxxxx

The following devices in a monitoring mode:
NMEA receivers
GPSD (a universal GPS device interface for Linux)
Receiver-less, operating system clock driven mode.

The next release has support for OS/X in it... if you can compile a C program for OS/X and are familiar with or would like to be familiar with  X11 / XQuartz under OS/X) email me, I've lost contact with my OS/X guy).  Also it works great with the Raspberry PI's...


> Does Lady Heather software support the HP Z3801A GPSDO? I recently read 
that it supports "most GPS receivers" but I have not heard that it 
supports the Z3801A. It would be great if it can do this...

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