[time-nuts] Normal operating specs of a Morion MV89?

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Mon Sep 19 17:46:03 EDT 2016


Compared to some MV89’s that’s a bit cold….It certainly is not alarmingly 
hot for an OCXO case. 


> On Sep 19, 2016, at 5:31 PM, Tim Lister <listertim at gmail.com> wrote:
> I recently ordered and received what claims to be a 2007 vintage
> Morion MV89 from ebay (I say claimed as that what the auction item
> said, but my unit is missing the identifying label on the top and just
> has '2007 MV89A' written on the side in marker). I've powered it up
> with a bench power supply at 12V and it's drawing 390mA at steady
> state. I measured the case temperature with a ThermaPen Mk4 (not often
> I get to combine the hobbies of bbq and timenuts...) which is
> calibrated to +/-0.7F to be about 111F, varying somewhat with
> position.
> This seems pretty hot - Is this normal ? The datasheet says it should
> draw <350mA when at steady state but doesn't say what temp it should
> be at. Does anyone else have info on their version to see whether this
> is normal ?
> Cheers,
> Tim
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