[time-nuts] Symmetricom bc750 AKA PCIe-1000 PTP

Vlad time at patoka.org
Thu Sep 22 17:13:36 EDT 2016


I am wandering if anybody had the same issue with Symmetricom PCIe-1000 
PTP controller. Basically this is the PCIe card which suppose to talk 
with GrandMaster by PTP.
I had small issue to assemble the Linux package for the most recent 
Linux kernel (4.4.0). But eventually I did that.

Now, when I fire up CLI utility, I have some issue to execute certain 
items. For example, I could't get "Version" information using that tool.
But I still could run some other commands from it.

Looking to the card kernel messages (no surprise - this beast based on 
embedded Linux), I was spotting this one:

platform fpga.0: firmware: requesting norfolk.bin
FPGA: loaded norfolk.bin with 480148 bytes.
FPGA: initialized DAC with 0x8000.
fpga: allocated 1048576 bytes RAM.
fpga: initialized BAR0 inbound WATR with 0x1ee00000.
fpga: host DMA addr_h32 0x00000000 (host driver init).
fpga: host DMA addr_l32 0x00000000 (host driver init).
fpga: push timer created.
fpga: loaded.
mtd->read(0x554 bytes from 0xd982ac) returned ECC error
mtd->read(0x2ab bytes from 0xd98000) returned ECC error
JFFS2 notice: (817) check_node_data: wrong data CRC in data node at 
0x00d97b9c: read 0x710378da, calculated 0xd6e49ce8.
mtd->read(0xc4 bytes from 0x1ca1f3c) returned ECC error
JFFS2 notice: (817) read_dnode: wrong data CRC in data node at 
0x01ca19fc: read 0x3757c16a, calculated 0xc3a99573.
mtd->read(0x1fa bytes from 0x1ca1800) returned ECC error

Which probably means corrupted File System. I tried to force to run FSCK 
during the boot. But had no luck with this.
Looks like the best option will be re-flash the firmware. As Microsemi 
acquired Symmetricom, many resource become unavailable to get them 
I am wandering if anybody has link to the firmware for that PCIe-1000 
PTP adapter.

Looking inside of /etc/norfolkVer file on the card, I am getting 

# Norfolk project version
CurrVersion: Beta
CurrBuild:   001

Beta Release 12/5/2011



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