[time-nuts] Vintage Quartz Crystal Manufacturing

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Mon Sep 26 00:54:35 EDT 2016

I watched the video when it first hit the list and found it interesting,
as I would any complex industrial process.

I've seen another crystal film that was available a few years ago as a
file, but can't find the reference.

The people who can't believe people ever worked under those conditions
with those primitive (today) tools need some historical perspective on
the rate of technical change. My grandfather grew up before automobiles.
My father grew up before jet planes. I grew up before computers, and
worked with them as they changed. And the 'S' curves keep coming . . .
[See "Rise of the Robots."]

One other thing - the comments contained one about the matter-of-fact
presentation being so different from what passes for explanations of
technology on TV today. I'd quote it, but I couldn't find it in the
comments today. It hit home, though. Today the presentation would have
half a dozen people of varying ethnicity and sex, each making some lame
joke along with a shallow explanation of what was going on. Compare the
Science channel's new "How Do They Do It" to the older "How It's Made"
shows. I blame it on the advertisers who control TV programming who want
to maximize eyeballs by going as low as they can and still find people
who can change a TV channel.

Be glad to discuss this with anyone off the list.

And now, back to precision time.

Bill Hawkins

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