[time-nuts] Efratom MFS-209 conversion information.

Colin Bradley colinbradley10 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 27 21:40:39 EDT 2016

I just received an Efratom MFS-209 GPSDO that I purchased onEbay. Everything appears to work. The only manual that I found online is forthe MGPS controller. The MFS family apparently came in many different  flavors allowing the customer to mix andmatch the components that best suited their needs. The version that I have has5 MBF frequency distribution modules that take 5 MHz in and distribute 5 MHzout to the 4 BNC connectors on the module back. These are different than themodules Chuck Harris described in his excellent January 2015 posting which took10 MHz in and distributed 5 MHz out. Does anyone have conversion informationfor converting this MFS-209 from 5 MHz output to 10 MHz output? A source foradditional manuals would also be helpful.  Thanks

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