[time-nuts] Normal operating specs of a Morion MV89?

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Wed Sep 28 07:14:17 EDT 2016


You have one of the many MV89A’s with an output problem. To be absolutely 
sure of the output, you need to have the scope set to 50 ohm input. If it was set
to Hi-Z, the output is likely even lower…..


> On Sep 28, 2016, at 1:38 AM, Tim Lister <listertim at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 12:56 PM, Bryan _ <bpl521 at outlook.com> wrote:
>> May also want to check the output amplitude. If memory serves me correct it is very common for a capacitor inside this model number to fail. It can be fixed but requires a torch or a pretty heavy duty soldering iron to get the can open.
>> http://www.rbarrios.com/projects/MV89A/
>> -=Bryan=-
> I managed to borrow a Tek TDS 2024B 200 MHz scope from work and hooked
> it up to the output of my MV89A. I get a peak-to-peak measurement of
> 2.3 V which if I have converted it right is ~11 dBm ? Alternatively if
> I turn on the FFT mode on the scope I get a peak value of -2.17 db if
> I am driving the cursor mode correctly. With the 10 MHz from the
> radioshackus GPSDO used for triggering, it takes ~18 seconds for the
> MV89 waveform to drift 1 cycle (this is without anything connected on
> the Uin or Uref pins).
> Tim
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