[time-nuts] HP 5061 oven temp Tcouple

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 16:56:53 EST 2017

Working with Frankenstein and those C fumes are getting mighty rare.
That said wanted to see what temp the ovens running at. As suggested here
there is a direct reading Tcouple in the C tube.

Looking at the raw wire colors from the tube best guess is a T type because
the actual wire color is copper (-) and silver (+). Not J or K types.
Though I have some T Tcouples and raw wire color looks very close I don't
actually have a meter.
For the heck of it I did connect a K Tcouple meter to it with K wire
extensions. I know very bad and evil. Read 199 uncorrected degrees.

Since the range of 200 F is a small part of the overall range perhaps the
offset deviation is not all that large.

Uncorrected readings suggest 199 F or 91 C. At least not crazy off and I am
running the oven hotter since the tube was dead. This is a regular tube not
a 004 that as much as I can tell really are drained dead.

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