[time-nuts] TDF (Was Re: RFDO - Experience and questions)

Iain Young iain at g7iii.net
Tue Mar 7 05:04:45 EST 2017

On 07/03/17 03:35, paul swed wrote:

> Actually as I think about it from the earlier part of the thread. Locking
> to the carrier with a 2-4 second time constant removes the phase modulation
> since its only in the first 200 ms. The 0 Phase is 800 ms in length or more
> for all bits.
> Now to find some nice coils for 162 KHz.

You might want to hold off on those coils. I got up this morning to
find TDF off air. Hopefully it is just the Tuesday maintenance that is
over-running, or just extended maintenance


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