[time-nuts] Install a 5061A/B tube into a 5071A!

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Wed Mar 8 14:06:37 EST 2017

Well I thought that would get your attention!
It's not quite as simple as that, however it CAN be done.
First you need a good "mini" tube scavenged out of a 5061A/B.
These smaller diameter tubes HP made for 5061A/B replacements
are essentially a 5071A tube with different connectors.
Then you need an EEPROM removed from a dead 5071A tube that
has a thermistor value close to the "mini" tube.
Tom Van Baak has the paper on his site, you can read about the results.\
 I got installing "mini" tubes into several 5071A units.
Also included are the results of using a standard tubes EEPROM
on a high performance tube and visa versa to extend the tubes life!
Now that I'm done with the experimenting I have two 5071A with
good "mini" tubes installed and several good "mini" tubes for sale.
Buyers of the 5071A can buy a "spare" tube at a discount.
Both 5071A are missing the front door cover and the two perforated
side panels.
Please contact me off list for details, pictures and plots.


Corby Dawson

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