[time-nuts] Strange problem with LH 5.0

Stan swperk at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 11 16:53:45 EST 2017



I am running Lady Heather 5.0 on my Win 7 PC, connected to an HP 58503A
through a dedicated hardware serial port.


Everything seems to be working and updating as it should, EXCEPT every
minute at the 33 second mark, the window freezes and nothing updates until
the 37 second mark, then everything updates once a second as it should until
the next 33 second mark.


I've looked at the Win 7 clock and run SatStat, and both count smoothly and
update every second. I'm hoping it's just a configuration issue with LH, but
I'm not sure. Everything else about LH seems to be working as it should. Any



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