[time-nuts] Bye-Bye Crystals

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 13 16:53:54 EDT 2017

On 3/13/17 10:09 AM, Richard (Rick) Karlquist wrote:
> A complete oscillator consists of the crystal integrated with the
> electronics.  A loose crystal is just a resonator, and the buyer has to
> supply his own electronics.  You rarely see the latter any more in
> applications other  than oven oscillators.  The same thing happened in
> SAW resonators.  About all you can buy now are SAW oscillators.

what about cheap crystals for microcontrollers.. I think the Arduino, 
for instance, uses a crystal (and the oscillator electronics are inside 
the Atmel part)

The Arduino Ethernet I have sitting in front of me has a fairly large 
can labeled T25.000 that looks an awful lot like a crystal, rather than 
an oscillator.
The published Arduino Uno schematic shows a crystal.

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