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Gilles Clement clemgill at club-internet.fr
Wed Mar 15 03:11:39 EDT 2017

So what is the « best » design for DIY a high stability OCVXO ? 
I am looking after one, needed for an exotic frequency : 5184kHZ 

> Le 14 mars 2017 à 18:02, Richard (Rick) Karlquist <richard at karlquist.com> a écrit :
> On 3/14/2017 4:03 AM, Bruce Griffiths wrote:
>> Looking at oscillator circuits like the HP10811A will give some idea of some of the additional complexity required for a overtone operation. Dissecting a few ocxos may also be helpful. Some start with a 10MHz crystal and a Colpitts sustaining stage and use a 74HC74 or similar to  divide the 10Mhz by 2 and drive the output pin. Even when a sinewave output is required often a CMOS inverter drives the output pin via an LC filter.
>> Bruce
> I don't agree here.  The 10811 is not a good tutorial for general oscillator design.  Because it is SC cut, it has a complicated
> mode suppression network across the base emitter junction to
> suppress mode B as well as the fundamental.
> The E1983A oscillator uses the same crystal (in a low profile
> package).  You can read my paper about it and see that I
> used a very simple bridged tee oscillator circuit.  That is
> all you need to select the right overtone and mode.
> This is the same circuit that I used at Zeta Labs 40 years
> ago to design hundreds of custom VCXO's, up to the 9th
> overtone.  It simply worked every time, unlike various other
> designs that were in use at Zeta.
> Around 1985, I got a consulting gig at Equatorial Communications
> to redesign their 5th overtone VCXO.  Only about half of the
> crystals would work in their circuit.  They had thousands
> of "reject" crystals.  I just used my old Zeta circuit and
> all the crystals started working again.
> Equatorial owned the 10 meter dish that you used to see on
> your right going south on 237 just before passing over
> Central Expressway in Mountain View.
> Rick N6RK
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