[time-nuts] Repairs and mods underway on HP 3586b

Tisha Hayes tisha.hayes at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 22:24:09 EDT 2018

Thanks to those who responded to my requests off-list for details on
correcting a partially functional HP 3586b. Here is where I am at with it;

Replaced the incandescent lamp inside of the 5060-0329 rotary encoder for a
white LED with a resistor to work at 5VDC.
Ordered a 75 ohm BNC chassis jack
Installed two BNC-SMB cables for the 50 MHz connections that are normally
covered with blank plugs on the back panel
Removed all of the buttons and soaked them for a few hours in a mixture of
hydrogen peroxide and oxy-clean to remove the brownish oxidation
(in the process) of pulling the little wafer springs out of each switch and
rotating the metal around 180 degrees so the buttons do not need to make a
hard "click"
replaced the NiCad battery with an NiMH

The unit already had the 10 MHz precision oscillator module (thanks to
Perry Sandeen for that).

I have a couple of Rb standards that are already used for metrology
(spec-an's, tracking generators, R-590 and a couple of other receivers). I
will probably stick with those as frequency references as they are usually
running for days at a time.

*Ms. Tisha Hayes, AA4HA*

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