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There is a Blast from the past the PIC TIC. Richard McCorkle did it and in its time was widely popular. He helped me on many projects so I included his boards with my board orders. Not being a time nut I never took a closer look at his board. Having recently revisited the subject for simple low cost monitoring of sources versus GPS and looking at Riley's comments found out that Richard used schematic capture,  not what you want to use in timing applications. Did do a new board with ground plane.  Also did a V drive with time chip for long term data recording using a USB stick. The unit is well documented.
I have boards and you are welcomed to a set, can also help with key chips, only one SMD, we plan to build and test but lately have been distracted with a minor redo of the excellent Riley Dual Mixer and my 2 channel Ping Pong counter that Corby loves so much that he has three. Had some interface problems that had us going for weeks. When you chase 1 E-13 and 14 nothing comes easy.  
Again if interested contact me off list.
Bert Kehren
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With care I can measure GPS jitter on a RasPi to a bit over 300 nano sec
resolution. That is the smallest increment of the RasPi 3B clock with
a 64-bit kernel. That is clearly not time-nuts accuracy.

What would you guys suggest as the cheapest way to see jitter down to
around 1 nano second? 

I'm thinking maybe something like a rubidium standard (FE-5680A) and
a TICC-TAPR? But that would put me out around $400.

The picPET does not look accurate enough. Maybe a clever way to use it
for more accuracy? Is there a picPET like thing cheaper than the


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