[time-nuts] TS2100: List of root commands?

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Wed Apr 4 20:29:05 EDT 2018

Fellow time-tickers,

	I just finished conversion of one of my TS2100's to OCXO, and I'm now
in the process of tweaking the EEPROM settings.

	During my research, I came across (and, foolishly, didn't bookmark)
either a web page or a mailing list post which listed the 'root eng'
commands, and exactly how to enter them. I've been successful with 'root
eng ee gain' and 'root eng ee filter,' but I can't seem to get the
syntax down to set the D/A value.

	Does this sound at all familiar?

	Thanks much.

Bruce Lane, ARS KC7GR
kyrrin (at) bluefeathertech dot com
"Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati" (Red Green)

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