[time-nuts] Environmental sensor recommendations

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 5 19:19:08 EDT 2018

Digital temperature sensors have some advantages (like nice factory calibration),  but also so issues.   The IIC/SPI ones need to be mounted to a PCB and also have quite a bit of thermal mass.  They also need 4-6 wire cables.  They are hard to attach directly to a point that you want to monitor.

The advantage of thermistors is that they are small,  cheap, readily available with leads attached, and only require a two wire cable.   You can easily tape them to whatever point you want to monitor.

The ADT7420 is $8 a pop + PCB + assembly + cable.  Decent thermistors can be had for less than a buck.


>  Check out ADT7420:

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