[time-nuts] Weird Stuff WareHouse shutting down

Jeff Woolsey jlw at jlw.com
Sun Apr 8 00:18:14 EDT 2018

Geez.  The Agilent IEEE-1588 units I mentioned a month or two ago were
the last things I bought there.

> There is one crazy place down in northern LA. Some what hard to get to but
> my god the stuff. Overwhelming. They dicker also. Nothing like a tough
> bargain was there 3 years ago.

I happen to have returned from a family spring break in LA/SD just
today.  Yesterday I visted C&H surplus in Duarte and picked up a couple
items, one was way-underpriced.  This morning I was at APEX Electronics
in Sun Valley.  Overwhelming is right.  Being where they are in LA they
have a fair amount of prop business.   Imagine the backroom at
WeirdStuff. Now imagine ther same thing, only open to the sky, out
back.  I inquired about a couple items near the front, but didn't have
room in the car (or my wallet) for them.  The Yelp reviews are accurate.

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