[time-nuts] Cheap jitter measurements

Adrian Godwin artgodwin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 21:18:26 EDT 2018

That may be an article of faith for those who haven't experienced the
delights of time-nuttery, but to be fair, the man with n<2 clocks doesn't
know what time it is either. Even if n=1, he only believes he knows what
time it is.

I appreciate that the clock-blessed may have doubts about the truth of his
sources. But the fact is, you need a larger sample size to better estimate
error. The man who is happy in his ignorance has not considered that
calibrated doubt can be more satisfying than unjustified certainty.

On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 11:01 PM, Dana Whitlow <k8yumdoober at gmail.com> wrote:

> Pity the poor man who has (n>1) clocks, for he knows not what time it is.
> Dana
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