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Responding to Jim's post ( I can't find his original post), a 
significant advantage to owning "vintage" instruments is that, in 
general, they may be repaired more easily than later model instruments. 
This fact was my guiding principle when setting up my lab, and that was 
based on Jim Williams' "There's No Place Like Home" article that appears 
as chapter 17 in his book entitled "The Art and Science of Analog 
Circuit Design". The more recent the design of the instrument, the more 
highly integrate is it's circuitry. In many cases, that integration 
manifests itself in the use of VLSI ASICs of one form or another that 
cannot be found, and if one is able to find one to replace a failed 
component, the techniques and tools required to swap it out are 
advanced, perhaps quite advanced. For a corporate enterprise, these 
facilities may be /de rigeur/, but for the home lab, they are, for one 
or more reasons, not feasible and the home lab owner must ship the 
instrument off to some company which can perform the repair or 
calibration at significant cost. I can repair a Tektronix 7104 
oscilloscope. I'm pretty sure I can't repair a Tektronix TDS7104.


On 4/8/2018 4:58 PM, Andy ZL3AG via time-nuts wrote:
> On 9/04/2018, at 3:52 AM, jimlux wrote:
>> Test equipment tends to be aged - Unless you have a particular need for a HP 600 series microwave signal generator, there are probably better sources available much cheaper that use more modern components. In this day and age, I don't think people should suffer through 141T spectrum analyzers or even a 8568- Spend your money an a nice USB unit instead.
> Blasphemy!
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