[time-nuts] Dual GPSDO - any advantage?

donald collie donaldbcollie at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 01:43:25 EDT 2018

I`ve just bought two GPSDO`s from China @ US$9-50 each [This is not an
error!] They are stated as being new, and use a Trimball dual oven OCXO. I
plan to run these in parallel [2 antennas, 2 feedlines, and 2 GPSDO`s] It`s
been said that a man with two watches is never happy - unless, of course,
they agree with each other ;-). Being identical the outputs should be
coherent, unless one becomes faulty [one advantage of having two - any
discrepancy and you know something must be wrong]], but is there some
crafty way I can squeeze a little more "accuracy" out of two than if I only
used one?
TIA for your comments............................................Donald
Brett Collie ZL4GX

PS : I have no connection to the eBay seller. The US$9-50 seems to include
a basic puck antenna, long downlead, and 4 interseries adaptors

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