[time-nuts] Wavecrest DTS2075

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Tue Apr 10 20:07:15 EDT 2018

John wrote:

> It's more a burst-mode and averaging analyzer like the HP 5371/5372.  But it can do sustained time interval measurements if you mess around enough with the settings.  And the resolution is down in the very low picoseconds.
> But it's big, awkwardly shaped, and has a jet turbine fan.

All of what John says is spot on.  It's beastly heavy, too.

One rather important thing I'd add -- make sure it comes with (or you 
have access to) the Wavecrest software.  The instrument by itself is 
close to brain-dead without it -- only a small subset of the most basic 
functions is available in manual/local mode.

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