[time-nuts] Chinese GPS Survey Antenna

Gary E. Miller gem at rellim.com
Wed Apr 11 00:11:14 EDT 2018


A while back there was a discussion of cheap Chinese GPS survey

I purchased a TOPGNSS model GN-GGB0710..  Took about a month to
arrive.  They claim GPS L1 L2 GLONASS G1 G2 BDS B1 B2 B3 and Galileo.

I bought it on aliexpress for $75 inc. shipping.


Specs are here:


Antenna connection is a simple TNC connector and mounts on a standard
5/8-11 thread.  They say 3.3 to 18V.  I'm running it on 5V.
Construction quality seems fine.  Just as in the picture.

After a few hours of use I can say it is a nice little antenna.  I
seem to be getting good strong L1, L2, L5 and GALILEO signals on all
elevations and azimuths.

A gross comparison to my Trimble 22020 shows the two as roughly
comparable. Except I get stronger GALILEO on the TOPGNSS.  I have no
way to push either antenna to the limit.

Many thanks to the list for some fine product suggestions.  Add this
one to the list.

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