[time-nuts] Wavecrest DTS2075

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Wed Apr 11 01:09:46 EDT 2018

On 2018-04-10 8:56 PM, Gerhard Hoffmann <dk4xp at arcor.de> wrote:
> I have been offered a DTS2075. Is this generally regarded as a step
> forward if you already have a SR620 or is it more or less the same
> league? Are there any hidden pearls or caveats?
> TIA and best regards,
> Gerhard

I have the DTS-2077.  Here's some random thoughts:

1.  Recommended maximum input voltage is +-1V1.  Damage level is 1V7.
2.  Square waves are required for all inputs.  A rise time of 1 ns. is 
barely adequate and will likely degrade your results.
3.  Timelab supports the DTS-2070 series so it's easy to measure ADEV, 
frequency, etc.  if you have GPIB capability.
4.  One thing I think qualifies as a pearl is what Wavecrest calls the 
'strobing voltmeter'.  Anyone else would call it a digital oscilloscope 
with an equivalent sampling speed of 100 GHz.  I've attached a 
proof-of-concept test of a pulse that I fed into the DTS.  The 
horizontal divisions are 100 ps/sample, vertical is volts.  I could have 
gone to 10 ps/sample, but didn't need to.


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