[time-nuts] Ultralink

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Apr 13 18:09:29 EDT 2018

jra at febo.com said:
> The modular cable connecting the receiver to the decoder is wired  straight
> through, not reversed as most telephone cables are.  My fear is  that
> someone (like me) might at one point have used a reverse cable and  thus put
> reverse polarity on the board; I don't see any reverse power  protection. 

Many thanks for that comment.  I hadn't checked that before.

My cable was reversed.  A new/correct one arrived today.  The meter is 
working.  With a bit of practice, I'll bet I could read the data pattern off 
the wiggles.

But after an hour, the LCD still shows time-since-power-up rather than date 
and time.

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