[time-nuts] General Recommendation?

AC0XU (Jim) James.Schatzman at ac0xu.com
Sun Apr 15 23:59:51 EDT 2018

I would like to make time stability measurements of various clock sources over a time range from 0.1 sec to 1000 sec and down to as much below 10^-12 as I can afford. Mainly I am interested in 10 MHz but also would like to be able to test stability and phase noise of synthesizers at higher frequencies (up to maybe 300 MHz or so).

I do not have a hydrogen maser and I am aware of the need for a stable reference clock.

My question is what device would be best for this purpose:

1) Agilent 53230A

2) HP 5370B

3) Timepod (and is it possible to purchase one and if so how?)

4) Some other device such as has been mentioned in other postings (W.J. Riley, etc.)

My supposition is that #1 and #3 cost about the same and #2 is considerably cheaper. All three are supported by  Timelab.

Don't think that I can afford the Microsemi 5120A or 5125A.

Not understanding the tradeoffs, I would appreciate some advice.



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