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Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Wed Apr 18 16:57:37 EDT 2018

Rick wrote:

> The book is incorrect.  A patent issued in 1976 (US4023116A)
> covering the Fairchild 11C44 developed by Eric Breeze predates
> the EDN article by several years.  I still remember the big
> splash the 11C44 made when it was introduced in 1976. The Fairchild
> ECL data book had a famous graph comparing it to the MC4044
> in the dead zone.

The attached graph is the one I remember.  Note that, while the 11C44 
was better than the MC4044, neither one was really very linear near zero 
error.  Good multichip PFD designs of the era outperformed both of them.

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