[time-nuts] 4046 replacement

Jim Harman j99harman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 12:08:42 EDT 2018

While we are on the subject of the 74HC4046, I would like to point out a
confusing error in the TI datasheet for this part, found at

The waveform diagram for Phase Comparator 3, Fig. 7 on p. 5, has inverted
waveforms for PC3out and VCOin. PC3out should rise at the leading edge of
SIGin and fall at the leading edge of COMPin. The corresponding diagram in
the NXP/Phillips datasheet, Fig. 11, is correct.

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 5:28 AM, Clint Jay <cjaysharp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Why not try one, the 74HC4046 is pin compatible I think, you may need to
> make some changes to use the '7046 version but you can then make a value
> judgement if the flaw had in fact mainfested itself as a problem in your
> design?
--Jim Harman

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