[time-nuts] Introduction & GPSDO Question

Tom Koza wb6fyr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 16:47:56 EDT 2018

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tom and my amateur callsign is WB6FYR, I'm a newcomer to this

I'm mainly interested in creating a reasonable 10mHz standard for my
various pieces of test equipment here at home.  To that end I've purchased
and received an Ebay "Trimble Inside" GPSDO unit, described as model
57963.  No instructions or manual were included with the hardware.

The unit has now been powered up for the past 18 hours with the GPS antenna
connected with a favorable outside view of the southern sky.  I am however
uncertain if the hardware is GPS locked based on the two external ACT
status LEDs, the leftmost LED is solid yellow and the adjacent right LED is
rapidly flashing red.  The 1pps LED is flashing once per second as expected.

Can anyone point me to an online manual or explain the ACT status LEDs and
how to interpret those indications.

Thanks very much!

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