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> While I was at the Arecibo Observatory it became desirable to get a good
> surveyed position
> for a new GPS antenna we had installed for the NIST TMAS system.  We found
> a resource
> at the Univ of Puerto Rico who had a Trimble (I think) unit.  He set it up
> on the site, "turned on
> the bubble machine", then left it alone for about two hours.  He returned
> the estimated
> position a few days later, expressing high confidence that it was good
> within about 8 inches.
> I'm sure I asked him if this machine used both L1 & L2, but don't recall
> his answer.   I suspect it was "yes".

It will have been using carrier phase only, not the L2 modulation 
(which is encrypted).  Although one can do correlation on the L2 
modulation from a given satellite in common view as well.

Joe Gwinn

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