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Mon Apr 30 15:34:47 EDT 2018


If you are looking at doing a self survey on a timing module, there is a lot
of information in the archives. It turns out that (like it or not) there is very
likely to be a ~24 hour periodicity in your self survey data.  Therefor something
like a two, three, or four day survey will enhance your position estimate. 

Again - for all get gory details dig into the archives.

Since the timing is done against the module’s “best estimate” of it’s position, 
there isn’t a lot of benefit in having a surveyed correct position instead. More
or less, the same errors that goofed the position also goof the timing in the
same direction. Again, info in the archives. 


> On Apr 30, 2018, at 2:41 PM, Achim Gratz <Stromeko at nexgo.de> wrote:
> Tim Lister writes:
>> It has taken me quite a bit longer that I had hoped but I have finally
>> published a writeup and howto of collecting raw ublox data, converting
>> it to RINEX and how to do (or get the NRC experts to do) the
>> post-processing. It's at a new website I have setup:
>> https://adventuresinprecision.space/howtos/precise-gps-positions/
>> Please let me know any comments or suggestions you have to improve it
>> or make it more comprehensible and comprehensive.
> Thanks for taking the time to write that up.  Out of curiosity, how far
> away from the RINEX coordinates is an RMS or median of the original
> coordinates as recorded by the GPS and how does the convergence curve
> look like?  I'm trying to gauge how long I need to run my timing module
> in survey mode…
> Regards,
> Achim.
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