[time-nuts] Loss of NIST transmitters at Colorado and Hawaii

Wes wes at triconet.org
Sun Aug 12 20:37:30 EDT 2018

Comment in the link about visiting WWV reminds me of my experience.  Many years 
ago my late wife and I were roving around Colorado and I telephoned WWV and 
asked if I could get a tour. I mentioned that I was a ham, an EE, blah blah. 
This had worked before at other installations (not NAA however) including the 
Apollo tracking station at Guaymas Mexico a day after a splashdown.

The fellow I talked to was somewhat taken aback and said that they didn't give 
tours.  I expressed some dismay and was about to hang up when he said, 
"Actually, we have some contractors doing some work here and the gate is 
unlocked.  If you were to come in you could look at the antennas, but please 
stay in your car."  So we did.


On 8/12/2018 4:05 PM, Bill Hawkins wrote:
> Group,
> This subject needs some additional detail.  I found an article with comments at
> https://swling.com/blog/2018/08/nist-fy2019-budget-includes-request-to-shutdown-wwv-and-wwvh/

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