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D. Resor organlists at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 12 01:44:47 EDT 2018

I wonder if this will also have any effect on Time Service for Computers, Personal and Commercial.  A lot of MS Windows products check for the correct time using time servers access from the internet.  I'm sure this will also affect outdoor clock towers which also use this reference.

Am I mistaken or is WWV the reference for all things dealing with the "time service"?

Don Resor

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I fear the worst.  The line in the website simply stated something like "shutting down the transmitters in Colorado and Hawaii", which would seem to include the whole enchilada.

For the wall clocks, GPS should work well if people are willing to go to
backed AC power.  But not so good for wristwatches, where the expectation is to run at uW power levels.  I for one would be very irritated at having to take my watch off my wrist and put it on a charging stand every night.  So if this shutdown comes to pass, I'll be looking for an inexpensive GPS-to-WWVB converter, or at least plans for building one.


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