[time-nuts] 1PPS for the beginner

Björn bg at lysator.liu.se
Wed Aug 15 00:03:59 EDT 2018

Hi Bernd,

One reference to 20us 1PPS pulse length is the ICD-GPS-060, see figure 3-2, page 3-3 (pdf page 19)


Group - Are there other standard documents defining duty-cycle, voltage levels, rise times etc?



> On 14 Aug 2018, at 20:52, Bernd Neubig <BNeubig at t-online.de> wrote:
> Another question, a bit off the road of this thread: 
> Is there any common practice for the duty cycle of the 1 PPS pulse?
> I have seen devices having extremely short 1 PPS pulses with duty cycles of a few percent or less and others with close to 50% duty cycle.
> Best regards
> Bernd

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