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Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 16 17:56:51 EDT 2018


   I am not a Time-Nut but I did work in the field for Dr. Sam Stein 
of Timing Solutions from the time he founded the company in 1991. 
Ultimately I became one of his three partners and designed the 
hardware and firmware for most of his products. While I chose not to 
continue with the company when it was purchased by Symmetricom, for 
a few years I continued to work for Sam as a contractor on 
additional products and to support older products.

   I just attended Sam's retirement gathering in Boulder,CO and 
received permission to dispose of my many years of collected "stuff" 
including cables, connectors, old prototypes, raw boards for 
distribution amps etc along with lots of parts.  While I've been 
asked not to provide full schematics of boards in production, I can 
provide hints on how they work.

   There may also be some working zero-crossing detectors from back 
when I designed the 5110A Time Interval Analyzer as well as 
isolation amps from as far back as the late 90's when we provided 
the signal distribution system used in GPS ground stations around 
the world.

  My  wife claims her biggest fear is that I'll keel over someday and
leave her stuck with all this stuff in the basement so I'd like to
get rid of it.

   Sam's retirement was like the end of an era for me and I haven't 
touched this stuff in years. I'd like it to go to people who can 
make use of it as opposed to depositing it in a landfill.

   Ideally there is some Time-Nut in the Boulder, CO area who can 
take this stuff and who would be willing to share it with other 
time-nuts at no charge.

   I also have a 5120 Phase Noise Test Set with  internal oscillator.
I acquired a new one in a trade for work when Symmetricom asked me 
to modify the hardware that controlled the transmitters for the 
Loran upgrade to work as the European version that was under 
consideration at the time. I would like to donate this unit to an 
educational institution that can't afford one (but could certainly 
use it) and would entertain suggestions.

Let me know if there is any interest.


Bob Martin
Former Director of Hardware Development
Timing Solutions, Corp.

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