[time-nuts] History Channel "In Search of" Time Travel

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Fri Aug 17 18:14:07 EDT 2018

Hi Tom,

I think you need to improve your map reading skills.  I do believe you 
meant Oceanside, Ca.  Also, both Oceanside and Mt. Polomar are in San 
Diego County, the furthest county south along the California coast.

Looking for more pictures and a longer story.  Keep up the good work.

If knew you were going to be in my area I would have like to have had a 
lunch meeting.  Well next time possibly.

Good luck,


Tom Van Baak wrote:

>Check out History Channel tonight (Friday, August 17) for a new series called "In Search Of" hosted by Zachary Quinto. Episode 5 is titled "Time Travel".
>There's a chance this episode will include some bits with my car & cesium clocks. Earlier this year I was invited by the producers to perform a gravitational time dilation experiment like the ones I did in 2016 for a Stephen Hawking TV show and the family clock trip up Mt Rainier in 2005.
>This time I selected Mt Palomar, CA which is conveniently located in the greater LA area. You likely know of Palomar because of the famous 200 inch Hale telescope up at the ~5500 foot summit. Our base was a beachfront hotel in Seaside, CA. The elevation difference was about 1.6 km and the clocks were separated for about 24 hr so 15 ns of time dilation is expected.
>Over two days they certainly took lots of footage of the clocks, the car, and some conversations with me. I have no idea how many seconds of actual screen time that might result in. None of it was scripted or rehearsed so I hope I didn't do or say anything too stupid on camera. I'll have more info by tomorrow and update the web page:
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