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Check out History Channel tonight (Friday, August 17) for a new series called "In Search Of" hosted by Zachary Quinto. Episode 5 is titled "Time Travel".

There's a chance this episode will include some bits with my car & cesium clocks. Earlier this year I was invited by the producers to perform a gravitational time dilation experiment like the ones I did in 2016 for a Stephen Hawking TV show and the family clock trip up Mt Rainier in 2005.

This time I selected Mt Palomar, CA which is conveniently located in the greater LA area. You likely know of Palomar because of the famous 200 inch Hale telescope up at the ~5500 foot summit. Our base was a beachfront hotel in Seaside, CA. The elevation difference was about 1.6 km and the clocks were separated for about 24 hr so 15 ns of time dilation is expected.

Over two days they certainly took lots of footage of the clocks, the car, and some conversations with me. I have no idea how many seconds of actual screen time that might result in. None of it was scripted or rehearsed so I hope I didn't do or say anything too stupid on camera. I'll have more info by tomorrow and update the web page:



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