[time-nuts] History Channel "In Search of" Time Travel

djl djl at montana.com
Sat Aug 18 22:08:17 EDT 2018

Enjoyed the show except for excruciating loud ads. my clock ran near 
standstill during those parts.
Nicely done, Tom.

On 2018-08-18 16:14, Tom Van Baak wrote:
>> It would be most interesting if this were also downloadable - YouTube 
>> or whatever.
>> Cheers,
>> David
> Hi David,
> I suspect this broadcast on the History Channel is local to the US, at
> least for now. Shows like this sometimes never appear on youtube.
> Other sources:
> 1) The entire "In Search Of" series so far, including episode 5 "Time
> Travel", is available as a TV download on iTunes.
> 2) It's also available via https://www.history.com/ or
> https://www.history.com/shows/in-search-of/season-1/episode-5 and,
> wow, I just noticed the picture they used.
> 3) Someone has a .mkv copy of the show? It's probably best to contact
> that person *off-list*; using their direct email.
> ----
> Having watched the show last night, it's a rather full and interesting
> episode. IMHO, the cesium clock time dilation demonstration, the
> underground tour of CERN, and the skydiving time perception segments
> were nicely produced. I am much relieved. It did seem the editors
> heavily filtered the conversation; using some of my curious, wondering
> comments more than my nerdy, atomic clock dialog. For a TV show, they
> made the right choice.
> I noticed they labeled me as "mathematician". I had no contact with
> anyone since they filmed 8 months ago. So presumably they found an
> internet bio of me (math / physics major) and picked something. Plus
> they already had several real physics-type people on the show.
> If any of you have specific questions about the show or the
> experiment, send me an email *off-list* and I'll answer them on one
> reply. I also need to update my web page with photos and details.
> /tvb
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