[time-nuts] WWVB funding cut

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 20 19:39:02 EDT 2018

On 8/20/18 4:17 PM, ew via time-nuts wrote:


They're cutting a lot more than WWV/WWVH/WWVB - they're cutting 300+ 
folks in the labs doing all sorts of things.

Download the doc that Rick posted the link to, go to page NIST-24 and 
start reading..

I don't know enough about how the labs are organized to know if any time 
standards measurement and development (e.g. the next generation atomic 
clocks) is on the chopping block.

They're meeting and exceeding all their performance targets (end of the 
doc) - about twice as many CRADAs as the target, Journal impact factor 
is >1.7

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