[time-nuts] Russian Timing Service ?

Martin VE3OAT ve3oat at storm.ca
Tue Aug 21 13:28:56 EDT 2018

The RAB99 and RJH stations are a good system.  They send sequential 
multi-frequency phase-coherent transmissions (one freq at a time) and 
are like the inverse of the US Omega nav system -- if you already know 
your exact location, then you can extract very accurate time 
information from the phase-coherent transmissions.  I believe they 
started in the 1960s and during the early 1970s there were only 4 
transmitters involved, sites near Moscow, Minsk, Arkhangelsk, and 
Khabarovsk.  I have forgotten the call signs used then (different than 
now).  The VLF band gives them wide coverage over large areas of land 
and ocean.  A very good system, unlike anything used in the Western 

... Martin    VE3OAT

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