[time-nuts] EFOS2 Maser problem isolated! :)

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Fri Aug 24 13:40:30 EDT 2018

Well after a lot of monitoring found the 5Mhz isolation amp feeding the
multiplier to have an intermittent output.

Bypassed it using one of the iso/amps that feeds the front panel jacks.

Parts on order before I pull it.

I did make an interesting use of two HP5065A I have cooking on the bench.

Needed to monitor two 5Mhz signals simultaneously from the maser for very
intermittent dropouts.

Fed each 5Mhz into the DIV cable from the A10 assy. on each 5065A and
manually started the 1Mhz dividers.

Then if a 5Mhz drops out the 1Mhz dies and wont return until reset.

After  two days caught the problem with the output of the iso/amp
faulting its 5065A and the input to the iso/amp not faulting its 5065A!

PIX of temperature controlled RF head and the two 5065A attached.


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