[time-nuts] HP5065A Step Recovery Diode, what part#?

ed breya eb at telight.com
Mon Aug 27 19:30:09 EDT 2018

The fact that your substitute replacement SRD seems to mostly work 
indicates it's in the right speed class for the application. Did you try 
any of the the adjustments in the driver to it? SRDs typically need a 
bias adjustment and RF matching network tweaked for the particular part, 
not just the type. Even if you could find an original HP part, you'd 
still have to adjust for it.

You can find info on this on page 8-23 of the manual I have 
(05065-9041). If yours is different, look in the section regarding the 
A3 multiplier  "e. A3 MATCHING NETWORK ADJUSTMENTS." This refers to 
Section 5-25 (page 5-13 in my manual) for the actual procedure.

The device package style and mounting environment is also a factor, so 
your SMT versus the original (DO-35?) would be different, but chances 
are you may have landed close enough already to be within tweaking 
range.  Good luck.


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