[time-nuts] HP5065A Step Recovery Diode, what part#?

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Hi all,
Thanks for all the replies so far!  Yes, I had to look up and get some some understanding of SRD to make sure it should at least function.  SMTs were the only ones that I could easily find stock and only a couple was in the correct range.  I've seen 3-4 manufacturers that still make axial ones (MA/COM-essentially same PN practically as HP's original, Pulse Microwave, ASI inc), and I heard that they have minimum quantities of somewhere near 250$...  I figure if I knew what part number, some obsolete resellers might have a couple.

This particular Rb has has been on for many months working great (BTW, the First Aid docs are fantastic!), then it suddenly started behaving the way described. Tuning did nothing, swapping cards did nothing, then I had to start swapping RVFR parts where only the SRD swap seemed to help, hence my dilemma.


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> Dan
> I missed the fact that you hacked a smt srd in. It was Eds post that caught
> my attention. That hack is worth sharing the details with time-nuts. I
> didn't even know you could get SRDs today.

MACOM still makes SRDs, and they may have replacements of the original
HP parts.


Joe Gwinn

> Regards
> Paul
> On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 8:03 PM, ed breya <eb at telight.com> wrote:
>> I forgot to mention:
>> If you've been diagnosing by swapping parts, be aware that changing the A3
>> is the same as changing the SRD - they won't necessarily match anymore, so
>> would need adjustment.
>> Maybe your original SRD was just fine, but the whole set needed
>> adjustment. Who knows what may have been tweaked or mis-tweaked by
>> individuals working on it previously. If the original SRD is intact, just
>> check to see if it's still a diode (should look the same as a regular Si
>> diode, with maybe a little higher forward voltage drop). If so, it's
>> probably OK and can be returned to service.
>> Ed
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