[time-nuts] WWV and legal issues

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 19:33:45 EDT 2018

Yo Dudes! 
WWV and all its variations distribute what in the USA is the legal standard of time (from USNO) and frequency (NIST).
 If one is running a freq cal service IIRC it is a legal requirement to be able to have traceability to WWV.

If one was to rely on other sources, one has no guarantee that it 1. It is as accurate as claimed and 2. It can't be *diddled* with accidentally or deliberately.
Although GPSDO's are very good and popular, they come from satellites that are vulnerable to damage from earth based resources.
When your time and frequency standard(s) is under control on your own physical territory then they stand or fail on their own. 
After the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, one of the major inventors of the bomb (I don't remember who) went to see US president Harry Truman and essentially told him that the scientists who developed the bomb should have a say of how or when it should be used.
Truman is reported to have said for him to leave his office and told an aid that was responsible for his schedule to "never in hell let that (or any other) scientist  come to his office to influence American defense policy."
Considering its status from both a scientific and political perspective, IMNSHO it will go on as before.
To explain the political. No government official wants to see China or the Russian federation tell the world quote: See, the USA can't be trusted for something as important and simple as frequency and time.  However we are your friends who you can trust. Unquote.

This is a case of practical use of WWV albeit over 50 years a go the fundamentals are still valid today.
At Karamursel Air station TUSLOG 234 I was assigned to the base receiver site.  Our base had to purposes.  to   

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