[time-nuts] Cal standards, WWVB, etc. was Re: WWV and legal issues

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 30 13:23:20 EDT 2018

On 8/30/18 8:15 AM, Mike Bafaro wrote:
> According to what I have heard the 60KHz WWVB carrier is guaranteed accurate to the atomic standard and is considered traceable.  I remember when I was in the Navy years ago I remember taking our unit's HP5245L for calibration and they used a VLF tracking receiver at 60KHz to do the calibration.  If WWVB goes off the air what is the replacement for the 60KHz standard?
> Mike

The 5245L is a 1960,70s vintage thing so I assume you were doing those 
cals 40 years ago when inexpensive atomic standards like the SRS FS725 
didn't exist.

These days, I suspect that a $3000 Rb box or a GPSDO would have 
sufficient accuracy for this sort of thing as a transfer standard, and 
would be traceable.  I can't imagine that a "over the air" signal 
recovered from WWVB would be better than either of those two.

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