[time-nuts] Pseudorange and carrier phase data in L1 only RINEX files

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Wed Jul 4 00:37:23 EDT 2018


On 07/04/2018 06:14 AM, Mark Sims wrote:
> I tried to do a test of sending three RINEX files to CSRS-PPP:
> 1) carrier phase + pseudorange
> 2) pseudorange only
> 3) carrier phase only

Do you mean code phase pseudorange and carrier phase pseudorange?

Pseudorange is just range-measure with some noise and biases in it.
If you use only code phase to build pseudorange, then you end up with
code phase pseudorange. If you then extend it properly with carrier
phase data, you get carrier phase pseudorange. You can also cheat a
little and do a carrier phase smoothed code phase pseudorange.

> Oddly, file 3 was rejected as not having any usable observation data.  Files 1 and 2 produced identical output.   It looks like CSRS-PPP does not process carrier phase measurements for L1 only receivers!   I had previously determined that they do not use doppler or signal strength measurements.

Ah. Bummer. Could another service be of assistance?

> BTW, this was a 24 hour file from an M8T tracking GPS and GLONASS with 5 second intervals.  The lat/lon/alt error ellipses were:  182/166/441 mm.  So the Acutime GG is not as bad as I originally thought...


Why do you reduce report-rate?


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