[time-nuts] Pseudorange and carrier phase data in L1 only RINEX

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 4 02:55:41 EDT 2018

The main reason is to reduce the file size.  RINEX files can be rather long...  depending upon what the receiver reports and the satellite systems in use, a 24 hour long 1 Hz file can be over 40 MB.   BTW,  you can .zip the file for uploading.

CSRS-PPP is the only online service that I have found that does L1 only data.

For the Trimble receivers, I generate pseudorange data from their code phase data message (quite a pain to calculate... you have to calculate the range from the ephemeris data).   Trimble does not output any carrier phase data.  For the other receivers I output whatever they output...

>  Could another service be of assistance?
> Why do you reduce report-rate?

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